Work in progress


So I’m still working at new UI in the game. This new interface is specially designed to support multiple languages, so I’ll be able to give you a game in english as soon as I finish it. You’ll also be able to translate it in any language you want. Just take the locale file and translate all the words.

More about changes of gameplay

Tanks will get different armor in different parts. Yes,refused to do if for a long time, trying to simplify the gameplay, but still this fact may greatly affect the strategy component of the game. No, it won’te be piercing zones like in WoT, it would to be only 3 different areas. Player will be able to improve the armor of certain areas of the tank by modifications. This feature will allow even weak tanks with low armor-piercing guns to defet armored enemies. But it also entails adding the possibility for the player to rotate tanks. Also, I would add an ability to turn the turret into a certain direction (it is quite useful if for example you are in ambush with five KV-2).
New areas of penetration will appear only in new tanks. Gradually, all tanks will be changed into more simple and historical. Player will be able to attach more modern equipment to them using modifications.

Help with maps is needed

If you are expirienced in creating maps in Unity 3D adn would like to help, contact me.


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