Interface update and crew changes

I’m working hard to finish localization functionality that comes with new interface. The game gets two basic languages: Russian and English, but anyone will also be able to write own locale file for his language and make it part of the game.
I’m also working at game launcher, that will allow users to install updates easily. For the first time it is going to be for windows only, but later on, Panzer Vor will run on OSX too.
What about mobile platform version (Android, IOS, Windows Store)? Well, for now it’s some kind of tricky question. The other two features that are giong to be added after Spring Update are tanks upgrade functionality and storyline. After this I think I can try to optimize the game for mobile platforms. The main problem that remains is that tank models, sound and music don’t belong to me and should be replaced by originally created content, before publishing to stores. However, I hope to get more user support by that time.