English version released

Here it is! Some people has been waiting for this for quite long time. Finally I finished the update and you can download and play.

And check out the new gameplay video

Make your own gameplay videos and post them here in comments! This is more than appreciated.

Complete the tutorial and set up your own team. Cheating is allowed, for this one you have special “+” button in the shop.

For those who played before: you’ll lose some of your save data. This is ok for the alpha version, so don’t be angry at me.

Full list of changes:

  • Added new commander – Nona
  • Added British tank Comet to 4th tier
  • Added British tank Conqueror to 5th tier
  • Added British tank Tetrarch to 1st tier
  • Added British tank Cromwell to 3rd tier
  • Added German tank Maus to 5th tier
  • Added USSR tank Т-26 to 1st tier
  • Added US tank M3 Stuart to 1st tier
  • Added US tank T29 to 3rd tier
  • Added US tank T30 to 5rd tier
  • Tier of Matilda was changed to 2nd
  • Tier of BT-7 was changed to 2nd
  • Tier of IS-3 was changed to 5th
  • Т-34 was renamed to Т-34-85 иand moved to 4th tier
  • Tier of M3 Lee was changed to 2nd
  • Churchill got boosted in parameters and was moved to 3rd tier. Also he received another weapon
  • Improved rendering of routes
  • Changed data serialization
  • Some code components changed to .Oriko components
  • Serious tank performance optimisation
  • Player can now make battles with own teams
  • Player now gets “Shermans” for the tutorial
  • Limit of tanks per team is now 25
  • Global improvements of game interface
  • Added multilanguage support
  • Added english language

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