PvP Mode Update

UrYA31zvThk.jpgFinally after a bunch of fixes I manage to release a stable version of multiplayer. It should work just fine for you and your friend to play. Also single-player still in game and you can enjoy playing with AI too.

To create a multiplayer game you should do the standard procedure that is made for game that has no server-side support. That means you should consider using such programs like Evolve, Hamachi, Tunngle etc. Or the host of the room can just make a port forwarding. That’s why we also created an opportunity to change the port that is used by game.

You can get this update by the launcher. Also the external links will be updated soon. And we have finally updated a build for Mac OS that will appear on the about page soon. Multiplayer doesn’t depend on platform, so you can play from Mac and Windows at the same time with your friend.

Later on there will also be a full multiplayer mode with ability to create 3×3 player battles. And after adding a missions, the game will have an alternative to complete missions in co-op mode. So, as you can see there are lots of features and opportunities that multiplayer creates for the project.

Remember, that you can use a contact page to report a bug, propose a new feature or leave a comment.

Panzer vor!


Enemy detection bugfix

Konachan.com - 225137 2girls black_eyes black_hair food girls_und_panzer isuzu_hana long_hair orange_eyes orange_hair seifuku takebe_saori ueyama_michirou white.jpg

The game had one serious bug from version 0.8.1. Sometimes detected enemies didn’t disappear at all. The hardest thing was that this bug appeared without any error in some random time. That’s why I decided that re-writing all the code that does enemy detection will be much better than catching ‘invisible creature’. Now everything works fine.

Also camera changed it’s behavior. Now you can rotate it using middle mouse button and QE buttons. There is also an alternative camera behavior that you can turn on in settings. Controls are totally the same as in ‘Men of War’ game and maybe you’ll find them better.

Camera became more smooth, so you’ll have to rise up it’s movement and rotation speed in settings. 50% is quite balanced but all this depends on your preferences.

Thank you for following the development. I’m working hard on implementing new features. The work on multiplayer already started and I hope that first tests to begin in the end of this week.

Panzer Vor!

Armor update

Konachan.com - 222954 sample.jpg

In this update each tank received different armor in different parts of the tank. Almost every tank (excluding low tiers) have higher armor in front, and the lowest in back. So now medium and light tanks have to find weakest spots and players who like heavy tanks will have to always hide those weak places. This creates new abilities and brings new strategies to the game.

Also there was a visual bug in training. Now it is fixed.

There are also many different changes like:

  • New hotkeys (C – clear routes, X – clear selection, V – toggle interface)
  • Updated shaders for tanks
  • Ability to choose own primary target for selected tanks by clicking with LMB on it
  • New effects
  • Physics updates

Use the launcher to update. Next update in several days (will bring you squads)

Also game comes soon to Steam Greenlight concepts.

Bugfixing update

Konachan.com - 224871 sample.jpgYou may now update game using launcher to version

Thanks a lot to testers for detecting bugs and sending feedback. Analyzing the response, I decided to restrict tank rotation due to reduce accidents when you find your tank lying on turret. Now it’s possible to make this, but much more harder.

Physics got lots of improvements and fixes, so now it is even 5 times more stable. Tanks collision became much better and ‘killed’ tanks behavior is more realistic.

Soon tanks will receive more realistic armor. Planning to release this update soon

Physics update

Konachan.com - 222680 sample.jpg

Game got new version of physics. That means that all physics models of tanks were updated and their movement model was changed also. You will also notice new lighting and updated graphics – that’s all because of new version of engine that I mentioned before.

New map “Mountain” has been added to the game. It contains large planes and one mountain in the center of map with several narrow roads inside. There are also paths along the outer side of the mountain. Be careful and form a column before going there, or you risk to lose several tanks that will fall of the cliff.

I will continue working at the game actively right now. There are lots things to do.

Use the launcher to update the game. It can be downloaded here:

Panzer Vor!