Armor update - 222954 sample.jpg

In this update each tank received different armor in different parts of the tank. Almost every tank (excluding low tiers) have higher armor in front, and the lowest in back. So now medium and light tanks have to find weakest spots and players who like heavy tanks will have to always hide those weak places. This creates new abilities and brings new strategies to the game.

Also there was a visual bug in training. Now it is fixed.

There are also many different changes like:

  • New hotkeys (C – clear routes, X – clear selection, V – toggle interface)
  • Updated shaders for tanks
  • Ability to choose own primary target for selected tanks by clicking with LMB on it
  • New effects
  • Physics updates

Use the launcher to update. Next update in several days (will bring you squads)

Also game comes soon to Steam Greenlight concepts.


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