Enemy detection bugfix

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The game had one serious bug from version 0.8.1. Sometimes detected enemies didn’t disappear at all. The hardest thing was that this bug appeared without any error in some random time. That’s why I decided that re-writing all the code that does enemy detection will be much better than catching ‘invisible creature’. Now everything works fine.

Also camera changed it’s behavior. Now you can rotate it using middle mouse button and QE buttons. There is also an alternative camera behavior that you can turn on in settings. Controls are totally the same as in ‘Men of War’ game and maybe you’ll find them better.

Camera became more smooth, so you’ll have to rise up it’s movement and rotation speed in settings. 50% is quite balanced but all this depends on your preferences.

Thank you for following the development. I’m working hard on implementing new features. The work on multiplayer already started and I hope that first tests to begin in the end of this week.

Panzer Vor!


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