PvP Mode Update

UrYA31zvThk.jpgFinally after a bunch of fixes I manage to release a stable version of multiplayer. It should work just fine for you and your friend to play. Also single-player still in game and you can enjoy playing with AI too.

To create a multiplayer game you should do the standard procedure that is made for game that has no server-side support. That means you should consider using such programs like Evolve, Hamachi, Tunngle etc. Or the host of the room can just make a port forwarding. That’s why we also created an opportunity to change the port that is used by game.

You can get this update by the launcher. Also the external links will be updated soon. And we have finally updated a build for Mac OS that will appear on the about page soon. Multiplayer doesn’t depend on platform, so you can play from Mac and Windows at the same time with your friend.

Later on there will also be a full multiplayer mode with ability to create 3×3 player battles. And after adding a missions, the game will have an alternative to complete missions in co-op mode. So, as you can see there are lots of features and opportunities that multiplayer creates for the project.

Remember, that you can use a contact page to report a bug, propose a new feature or leave a comment.

Panzer vor!


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