Debates about GuP Universe


Recently there were quite massive debates among developers and Russian players community (that is now consists of more than 250 people). The main question was that should game Panzer Vor be stick to Girls und Panzer Universe. The main reason of changing game ideas and concepts appeared because of fear to be banned by the managers of anime series. Game now uses characters and schools from anime, but it remains the intellectual property of anime creators. So, we looked into several options:

  1. Replace all school and character names and their appearance on own one. Keep only basic ideas of GuP universe, but replace all schools and characters, to escape the future problems on this stage
  2. Do nothing and continue game development. If there will be any treats of being banned, go to first option
  3. Try to contact the anime authors for a support request. In case if it fails, go to first option

So, well… Everything basically has fallback to first option. The opinion of people was quite different, but most of testers said, that want to see actual GuP game with it’s characters and schools. Also lots of people thought that contacting anime authors with complete version of the game before releasing it is the best idea. That’s how we decided for now.

So what for now?

We DO NOT change anything, just make less impact on graphics, because re-drawing all characters in case of fallback is not a good idea. Everything stays how it started and we develop a stable version of the game, that is going to be ready by the end of Autumn.

Am I able to tell you my opinion of this situation?

Yes, we highly appreciate this. Please, write your opinion in form of comment to this post on facebook or wordpress. We’ll read and answer to each of them.

Thank you for following the development and testing the game. Panzer Vor!


4 thoughts on “Debates about GuP Universe

  1. I think it is more important for the time being to get solid gameplay going.
    Remove all but one tank and map, and then start coding the user interface, ai and the overall mechanics of the game.
    Later, you can add one off each tank (light, medium, heavy, tank destroyer) and start hashing out roles and how everything should interact with each other.
    I think Solid gameplay will help you more with convincing the studio than lots and lots of content.

    But that is my opinion.

    ps. how soon will you be able to fix the gunbarrels going through the tank causing it to refuse to fire? its really annoying.


    1. Thanks a lot for the comment
      As you can see there are no updates, because we’re changing game’s core, that will provide new interface and controls improvements, missions and objectives, etc. So we’re working at it and everything will be fine.
      I don’t know really what to do with those guns. If I add them a collider it will begin acting really weird (I tried already). So maybe the only way is to make an option for tank to go back in this situation


      1. i found a game breaking bug in the game it makes the barrles of a tank go through the ground even through the tank it self this happens when your tank are moving and begins firin at enemy tanks when the enemy tanks disapear the bug appear


  2. the game still have a lot of problems to work with (especially the AI for tanks), i think the anime authors will support you on this project so dont worry much about it
    and whenever you guys need a hand, just tell me, am an IT student, havent had much skill but i think i can help some simple things 😉

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