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I got several emails for resent several days and they all were about same topics. I am happy that you are interested in the project and would like to support it by adding your ideas to the game. So I think that it would be useful to share the final ideas that are added to the game now. Below I’ll provide most common questions about the game and answers to them.

Can you select a target for tanks? It will be nice to add

You can select PRIMARY target for selected tanks by clicking in it with LMB. The ally tanks will try to shoot primary target when it is visible to them. Interface is not designed to show this, will be fixed in future.

Sometimes my tanks don’t shoot. Do they have limited ammo?

No, tanks have unlimited ammo, but there is a bug, when tanks still try to aim some dead targets. This bug is too much connected with multiplayer functionality, so it is kind of hard to fix. Just wait for next update to come.

How am I going to improve my crews? Are there going to be any skill trees?

The won’t be a crew experience anymore. It was added once in update and it showed that controlling so many tankers is a pain. So for new version the game is going to have just a commander with a skill tree. Commander will receive certain exp for each battle and will spend it on abilities in the skill tree. There will be a lot of them and will help player to target certain tactics for that commander. Since you can change team tanks whenever you want, the main idea of a game will be basically to develop your commanders, their skills and Commander Points to increase the capacity of the team.

What gameplay modes and missions will be available for player?

It is planned to make several teams battle in multiplayer mode, so there would be battles like 3×3 players at once. Different elimination methods also will be there, like “eliminate all”, “capture the point”, “destroy the objective” or any other mission-specific or campaign-specific task. More information about the missions you will get closer to the update itself.

Can I make a localization for game?

Not now. We are making major changes to interface, so a lot of phrases are going to be changed. I apologize for that, but current translations (English and Spanish) will be also modified, so I will have to ask volunteers to help with them again. The localizations will be accepted right after major update.

Where are the updates? I am tired of waiting

I am sorry for that, but major changes to game concept, poor optimization and requirement to change all maps and tank models made us to re-write the game from scratch. PanzerVor team spent lots of time on modeling tanks and environment, finding textures, creating in-game artworks. We hope to finish an update and release it in the end of this year.

Still have a lot of work to do, but still hope for the project support from you guys.

Panzer Vor!


The Discord server


Contacting developers also was a trouble for users. Everyone could use email or facebook, but there was no option for sending instant messages to developers and talking with other players.

Now you can always be up-to-date with project news and know even more. If you have a Discord account, just use the link below to join the server!

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