Realistic tank physics


One of the main features of Panzer Vor: Preview that should be introduced, is usage of better physics engine and physics optimization.
Tanks look much better in their behavior, also it behaves in a way, that would be calculated, only when tanks are in close view. The additional handling visual effects and particles can be turned off in the settings menu.


Tiger-I is the only tank used now for testing, however there are much more tanks will be added into the release version.




Panzer Vor: Preview. Announcement


We were slowly getting game ready for the full-scale work all this time. Since February Panzer Vor! started getting full new detailed concept. Finally it is mostly ready and we have all necessary info to make the Preview version of the game.

What’s in Preview?
This is basically a version that shows main components of the game, gameplay and UI. I want to remind you that all that was significantly changed since that latest update. The core of the game, mechanics and art style – everything was changed. The ‘Preview’ version is not an ‘alpha-build’. This will be still buggy version with limited functionality, but will represent the full game at 70% rate.

Panzer Vor: Masters of Sensha-do
This is a version that we call ‘full game’. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t get any update. Even more, it will receive new missions, tanks, commanders, maps, features… However, this will be a game with version 1.0.0 that will be a candidate to go to Steam Direct. The version that won’t be in ‘permanent early access’, so you will know that you are buying a full-functional product.

When can you await those?
The Preview version comes live in the first part of summer already. It will be completely free and will get several updates during the summer, based on your feedback. The release of Final Version is unknown due to still possible copyright issues and difficulties with new Steam’s ‘Direct’. Probably, game will have a crowdfunding campaign before that, to get more assets (models, textures, artworks, etc) and budget to get through Steam validation. These are problems to be resolved in Fall, and we’ll get back to them later.

The ‘future’ titles are planned to be released too. If everything goes well with copyright, we’ll make a nice story modes with lots of cool features for each school. Every story mode will be released separately and will give exclusive title to the game. There is no reason to ask whether those storylines will be paid DLC or just updates, because it all depends on how the project will be doing in future (mostly the conditions we get from GuP owners).

How is the current version going?
We had a massive work on the game’s concept and the questions of ‘making it more interesting’. Also after dozens of interface concepts, game finally got fixed image of how it is going to look like.


As well as the style of game overall – it became more clear and consistent. Massive work on UI was done to make the game look nice and modern.


Commanders got a lot more role in the game. Different commanders will make player change the style of battle completely. Each of them has special abilities and skills that shape your strategy.

AI and controls were changed too. Routes are built better, game is going to have formations and multiple flexible tank controls. More information about this is coming on later.

Physics, tanks, maps were also changed a lot. However, this is also topic for another time and it is better to see everything live on developer’s YouTube channel very soon!

Anyway, thanks for staying with the project so far. I know, it takes a lot of time to make this game, but I am trying my best to develop concept, write code and communicate with people who wants to help. Panzer Vor can’t still be my main project for now, because it doesn’t have any income, that’s why I manage to spend only half of my time on the project. The summer will give me much more time for that, so you can expect all mentioned features ready.
Panzer Vor!