Launcher will be shut down on 05.05


The Panzer Vor Launcher was a great app that allowed players to get the latest version of the game when it was actively updated. However, it also suffered from some problems, like being blocked by antivirus softwares, download speed, connectivity issues, ect. It also limited game to run on Windows 7 SP1 and higher, when the game itself could support earlier windows versions.

Anyway, the old version of the game is not updated already, so there is no need for the launcher. The old ‘prototype’ version (this is how it is called now) will be still available for download from Mediafire in form of archive. You can already see the new updated download page here.

Launcher service will be suspended on 5th of May. Installed launcher won’t be able to connect to the server and update game anymore.

Update process to Panzer Vor: Preview

As the later versions are supposed to come to Steam, Preview will be always available for free download out of the store itself. We are planning on using GameJolt launcher to download and keep the Preview version up-to-date. This launcher will work with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms too.
You will be able to download game without launcher as well.
Panzer Vor has already it’s own page on GameJolt, however, for now it is hosting a prototype version too.

You can already install GameJolt app and use it to enjoy other Indie Games


2 thoughts on “Launcher will be shut down on 05.05

  1. Please make this available on Android, I’d be really excited if you did because so far, the only GuP games for Android are in Japanese and I can’t really read Japanese. I would also make myself available to beta-test the game if it came out on Android.


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