Game state and delays

Panzer Vor: Preview is pretty close to be released, however, as the website says, it should have been released even before August starts. Well, this is true, this is what was planned in spring. However, I had some unexpected expenses and was out of money before I managed to finish the preview version. That is why I had to take a some contract job to make money for living.

Anyway, enough about the sad part. The most of game mechanics are ready, and I’ve been working more on the game visuals (well, especially after I saw screenshots of future PS4 game). Thanks to people contributions on Patreon, I managed to purchase texture and effect packs that dramatically improved game overall look.

Game has 3 maps with different settings. Those maps will be base for different variations in tank missions. In Preview version there will be 10 different missions to try, including the tutorial.

The most troubling and time-consuming thing that left is user interface. Although, most of it is already finished in Photoshop, it takes a lot of time to export interface into Unity and make correct functionality for it.

New interface in Panzer Vor is much more convenient and self-explained. Also, I tried to do my best to make game user friendly both for mouse+keyboard and touch input modes. So when the game comes to Android or Windows Store, it will look and feel same as on PC.

The tank movement has been tested for a long time. It is still not perfect, but considering that player will hold certain strategy and won’t mess up the directions all the time, tanks will count routes and reach their destinations in the shortest possible time.

Game is getting 3 different tank movement modes. They can be changed by UI button, or keyboard shortcut ‘R’ (in game every action has a keyboard shortcut).

  • Re-base mode represents a simple movement of group of tanks. You will be able to define a front line where certain group of tanks will be heading. Once enemy is spotted, tanks will  continue to move and start shooting.
  • Charge mode (attack mode) defined as a certain area on the map. Once enemy tanks appear in the area, allies will pick suitable targets and follow them trying to eliminate. This is a perfect mode to attack a group of tanks, creating a close-range battle situation.
  • Retreat mode allows player to safely leave the dangerous area. It is really similar to ‘re-base’, however tanks are moving backwards, which allows them to keep most thick frontal armor turned to the enemy.

Using this modes also activates certain abilities for commanders. You can find out more on out new commanders information page.

August will be a hard month. I should finish the Preview before fall starts, because I won’t have any time (thanks to university). If any of features will get removed, they will be added later through updates. I have to be sure, that you guys enjoying the game, before submitting it to steam.


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