Latest Gameplay and Plans

If you haven’t seen yet, the video above is how the current dev version of Panzer Vor looks now! I am happy to get positive comments about game looks, but there is much more to it.

First of all game has new controls. Players can form squads and control them using frontlines. Different movement modes like retreat or scout will also become available soon for closed testing.

My primary plan now is to get multiplayer working. The most annoying part left about it is lobby UI which takes a lot of time to implement. Once I get multiplayer working, I will announce stream.
It will be 3×3 battle live with people taking part in closed alpha testing! Don’t miss it.

Tank modifications will be next and last thing to add before build will go public. Unfortunately, can’t give you any estimates as I am having lots of IRL problems right now 😦
Tho keep following my twitter or join Discord to get fastest updates for the game.


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