Panzer vor! is a realtime strategy based on anime “Girls und panzer“. Player is able to create and customize own teams, buy and modify tanks, improve skills and abilities of team commander.

NOTE: This is just a prototype of the game that is now in development. We DO NOT accept any bug reports from this version, please do NOT submit them.

It also requires more computing power, then expected, has a weak graphics and performance. This is just a PROTOTYPE, the final game will be much better

Download game prototype

Alternative link

Windows, archive (~700mb)


It’s highly recommended to complete an in-game tutorial because it shows game basics about how tanks are controlled.

Use WASD to move the camera and hit the edges of your screen by mouse or use MMB to rotate the camera.

Use LMB to select tanks. You can also draw a rectangle to select multiple targets.

Use RMB to build routes.

  • LEFT SHIFT + RMB adds point into the route
  • LEFT CTRL + RMB moves closest point
  • LEFT ALT + RMB cuts the route and puts the new point at the end

You DO NOT need to hold button to add points. Just click.

Panzer Vor!


27 thoughts on “About/Download

      1. claro
        mi sistema operativo: windows 10 64bits
        memoria ram: es de 4
        nucleos: es de 4
        procesador: intel core 3 4005u cpu @1.75 GHz

        cuando descargo el juego por mediafire lo abro de ambas manera, con administrador y normal y me aparece Setup Error! – f, tengo todo bien, se lo recomendé a un amigo y tiene el mismo sistema que yo, y se le instalo lo mas bien, a mi me aparece el error Setup Error! – f.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So far I just know about yours game for me it look quiet interesting coz the game play is look cool when I watched the gameplay video I hope it works well after I install it on my PC anyway thanks ^_-


  1. This game looks amazing! But.. I downloaded the Mac version.. And whenever I try to open it, it acts like it is (Bobbing up and down in the bottom bar) but it just dissapears after a little while! Please help. ;-;

    The best way to contact me is steam : YoshiGoneNuts


  2. Just saying big fan love it and I’m willing to support, but I’m experiencing fps issues. Does the engine not react well with multiple graphics cards? Any response will be appreciated… And keep up the great work!


  3. The game look preety nice. I look forward to next updates.
    Ofc I have some problems (I cannot get credits after battle, cannot modify tanks, can’t look for crews etc) but i’m not worried about that,becouse I know, that this will be fixed in the future.
    Good luck Devs!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello. I really love how you made this amazing game. I played your first version before, and I love it so much. But I can’t run this prototype one. When I launched it, a loading screen appears, but it seems it’s not processing.at all. My laptop suddenly froze and nothing happened. I can’t control my mouse, I can’t control anythiing, and I have to force shut my laptop. Do you know how to fix this?


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