General Inforamtion


Command points define the capacity of the team. Each tank or modification of it has certain amount of command points (CP) that it takes. Each commander has default amount of CP that increase along with level. Some of skills can dramatically increase amount of CP.

General skills are default for each commander. Has maximum level 10 and can be improved in the skill tree using experience. Skills are active during all battle but their effectiveness can vary depending on amount of tanks on the battlefield.

Special skills are same as general, but they are unique for each commander. Those skills active only when flag tank is active. Effectiveness depends on skill level, maximum is 10. Maximum amount of special skills is 3.

Special ability is a super powerful skill that can be used by commander in the flag tank. Depending on type and level in can be used one or several  times during the battle. Ability can’t be used if flag tank knocked out.

Passive bonus is a passive ability that gives player a fixed benefit from commander. This ability can’t be improved, it appears from beginning and remains the same. Commander’s level has no influence on effectiveness.

General skills

General skills are applied to all commanders. Player is free to choose what type of skill he wants to acquire. The highest level for all skills is 10.
The effectiveness of skill increases depending on level.

Commander advices. Increases view range of all vehicles in the team up to 15%. This doesn’t include flag tank, that always has 15% better view range.

Vehicle research. Increases penetration rate up to 10%. All tanks in the team aim enemy’s weak spots on tank better.

Deputy commander. Commander trains all other crew leaders about strategy basics. Reduces penalty for ally tank parameters, when losing flag tank. On level 10 there is no penalty for losing flag tank at all.

Confident leader. Increases capacity of the team. Commander gets up to 10% of extra command points.


Team commander is the leader and representative of the team. A tankgirl that manages all the crews, keeps track of the battle and provides other members of a team with useful information. Improving commander is a key to team’s success.

‘Master of ambush’ Miho Nishizumi

Special skills

‘Primary target (Schwerpunkt)’. Improves team focus on selected target. Tanks can even correct their route a bit to get their target a shot.
‘Vehicle saving’. Heavily damaged vehicles go behind ally vehicles. This doesn’t work when tanks are in fixed formation.
‘Immobilize’. Increases chance to immobilize enemy’s vehicle up to 15%.

Special ability – ‘Watch point’
Allows player to set up a watch point on the place of flag tank. It takes 10-5 seconds to set it up, depending on the level. In this mode tank is not able to shoot or move, but it’s detection radius reduces dramatically. It can decrease up to 5 meters if ability is used while tank is in the bush. Also this mode sets view range to 700 meters and can increase up to 800 meters on level 10. The view range doesn’t depend on type of tank, because watch point is set up outside of it. To get out of this mode crew needs same amount of time that is needed for setup.


Passive bonus – ‘Ambush mastery’
Stationary Allied tanks receive a 10% disguise bonus.

Command points
Miho gets 1100 CP from start.

‘Friend of the team’ Saori Takebe

Special skills

‘Radio interception’. Increases opportunity to capture enemy radio wave up to 5%. That will show point where main enemy forces are situated on the map. Can be activated randomly during the battle 3 minutes after beginning.
‘Immediate command’. Reduces wait time of player’s order processing by ally tanks (default 2-3 sec) up to 0.2 sec.
‘Perfect cooperation’. Ally tanks focus fire up to 100% more effective on weak targets.

Special ability – ‘Radio invasion’
Sets up a radio capture station on the place of flag tank. It takes 60-40 seconds to set up depending on level. After that it gives out positions of 60-95% of enemy tanks (depends on level), but makes flag tank visible for enemy. To start moving after ability was used, tank needs extra 10 seconds. Can be used only once.

Passive bonus – ‘Initial advices’
Reduces parameters penalty to 50% when losing flag tank

Command points
Saori gets 1200 CP from start.

‘War artist’ Maho Nishizumi

Special skills

‘Confident leader II’. Gets up to 15% extra command points.
‘Hard hitting’. Increases damage up to 15% for guns 80mm caliber or higher.
‘Instant repair’. Makes impossible to immobilize flag tank.

Special ability – ‘Armored Fist’
When enabled on formation, it gets 20% armor boost, but loses 15% of speed. This formation can’t be immobilized. The ability can be used only once.

Passive bonus – ‘Fast Learner’
Has additional 2 slots for formations.

Command points
Maho gets 2000 CP from start.

‘Elegant strategist’ Darjeeling

Special skills

Undivided Comradery’. Agility is enhanced for all tanks in formation up to 10%.
‘Indestructible’. All Heavy and Medium tanks have 10% increased armor.
‘Tank expert’. Increases tank model recognition speed up to 100%. That means that on level 10 recognition of even new tanks will be done immediately when spotted.

Special ability – ‘British fortress’
Creates a special formation with 5 or more heavy and medium tanks. Formation is unable to move, but all other parameters (turret turning, reload speed) are improved up to 15%. Armour is 10% thicker, tanks can’t be immobilized. The setup time depends on how far away tanks are. Activates only when all tanks are on their positions.

Passive bonus – ‘Enhanced Mobility’
All tanks speed increase by 12% if in formation with flag tank.

Command points
Darjeeling starts with 1500 CP.

‘The immortal’ Duce Anchovy

Special skills

‘Back to battle’. Returns first 2-5 (depends on level) knocked out vehicles to the battle in 2 minutes after knock out. The vehicles should be light tanks and tankettes under 10 tons.
‘Repair service’. Immobilized vehicles repair up to 50% faster.
‘Unstoppable rush’. Increases reload speed and accuracy up to 20% for all light tanks that are going 50km/h and faster.
Special ability – ‘Decoy’
When used spawns 3-7 (depends on level) decoy tankettes that chase after flag tank. Those tanks can’t shoot or spot and have very low HP amount, that can be increased with level of the skill.

Passive bonus – ‘Duce run’
Increases light tanks speed to 15%.

Command points
Anchovy gets 900 CP from start.

‘Unity Fist’ Katusha

Special skills

‘Strike squad’. Medium tanks squad gets a 10% agility bonus. Tanks have to be same model family (for example, T-34-57 and T-34-85 same family). Can be any nation.
‘Heavy time’. Heavy tanks with 120mm and higher caliber get 12% reload speed bonus.
‘Command voice’. Tanks closer to a flag tank react up to 100% faster to orders.

Special ability – ‘Desperate attack’
When used, increases all parameters up to 20% for all tanks in formation with flag tank for 1 minute. Armour doesn’t change. After usage, tanks receive 10% speed penalty for 1 minute. Can be used only once per battle.

Passive bonus – ‘Unity strike’
All tanks in formation with flag tank has 10% higher speed and 8% faster reload.

Command points
Katusha gets 1700 CP from start.